We offer comprehensive finishing, renovation, remodeling, and construction services at the highest level. Our experienced team of interior designers work with you to design the perfect interior, while our highly skilled experts bring your ideas to life. With our experience on the European market, we have constructed some of the most complex and demanding projects in the field of:

  • Renovations, arrangements and interior finishing
  • Custom furniture
  • Furnishing and arranging commercial facilities
  • Garden architecture
  • Interior installations

Custom Bathrooms

Comfortable, exquisitely designed, and above all, modern, the bathroom should provide an everyday a dose of relaxation. It is important to decorate it in a creative way without forgetting about functionality. Our bathroom furnishings are customized and constructed from the highest quality material, which is resistant to high humidity, and provide durability for years.

Garden Architecture

A garden with a lawn is not enough. To fully appreciate its charm, a small garden architecture is a must. Perhaps a professionally designed place to relax or meetings at the grill on a comfortable wooden terrace or under a quiet pergola? We also offer charming gazebos, garden furniture, sheds for fireplace wood and children's houses.

Custom Kitchens

The kitchen has now become one of the most important rooms in every home. Our team of interior designers will ensure its highest functionality and match the needs of your family. A custom kitchen will give you substantially more arrangement options than the standard ready-made kitchen, and allow you to integrate it into the interior design of your dream apartment or house.

Built-in Wardrobes and Wardrobes

Wardrobes allow you to use your space in an optimal and practical way. A properly arranged interior will adapt its layout to individual needs and expectations. Large wardrobes, contrary to their appearance, are great in small apartments, in which every square meter is extremely valuable. Furthermore, a professionally designed wardrobe in a single-family house has become the standard for today's home.

Renovations, arrangements and Interior Finishing

Each of us wants his or her apartment or house to be aesthetically pleasing while reflecting our individual character. We understand that this also causes many questions and concerns. This is why we guide you through every step to make the entire renovation process as smooth and stress-free as possible. With us, your home will not be just another space, but an original, customized area that will catch the attention of every guest while providing you with the comfort you desire.

Furnishing and Arranging Commercial Facilities

Aesthetically pleasing and functionally arranged retail space is the basis for success in sales. Your store should be arranged in such a way so that it doesn't seem too empty or too full. An interior finished to a high standard attracts attention with both looks and functionality. To accomplish this, we use our extensive experience in the exhibition and trade show industry.